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Dear readers 2016.08.01


 Thank you so much for checking this site which started in 2010. I'm closing this blog now since I quit my papermaking job a month ago. This was my sixteenth year as a papermaker, but I couldn't help regarding myself only as a labor worker despite of the fact that I was part of this precious craftsmanship. It's  just because I was not a studio owner. 

I don't know how to survive next decades but I will keep painting and creating my own art world in this village using mainly washi.  My new blog is getting ready now. Please visit the site, if you're interested.


And thank you again for sharing my unique life in the countryside. 


Rina Aoki


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I have been working for this paper village since 2000. I love the people here and would like to support their business by trying to introduce Echizen Washi to overseas.