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How to see this website 2016.02.18

 Rina Aoki, myself, is currently updating information on this website since it started in 2010. 

Paper Today is showing you my personal art works on various kinds of paper mostly made in the village. Sorry if you were expecting to see some paper works or info by  the local artisans. I stopped doing so last year because I found I was not included in a washi team here partly because I'm not originally from here and plus too aggressive in the meetings, I guess, and  that was actually a right decision because traditions should be respected. Anyway since then I decided to do things only for myself !  Besides my eyes have been feeling hard to see screens. As soon as I find someone who can take after this website, I'll stop writing to live my simple life without computers. 

At Village Today you can see what I see in this beautiful village in my daily life here. I've lived here since 2000 and never felt bored surrounded with nature and culture. I feel as if I were a foreigner here. 

For contact, please try to find my friend Katz Hata, a photographer living in the village. I don't like to face computers for a long time and limit myself to check emails once in ten days at most. I choose to be poor to live a simple life without computers. Making paper three mornings a week, teaching local kids math and english and painting are decorating my life fruitful enough. Promoting myself in art ? I don't know how. Should I work on computers more ? Then I'll give up. No space for that. 

Anyway I hope you have a good start to learn Echizen Washi !



Rina Aoki

Guide "Rina Aoki"

I have been working for this paper village since 2000. I love the people here and would like to support their business by trying to introduce Echizen Washi to overseas.