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How to Visit Echizen Washi Village2015.04.20


As I have been attracted to this village as a person who love traveling both in Japan and abroad, I'm sure you'll love this village and enjoy staying here to feel this unique atmosphere here. Here you can experience what we love for ` Japan `.

If you're a paper lover and serious to know or learn about our paper in Echizen Washi, we'd love to share some information with you here. If you need a quick response or feedback, m friend, Mr. Hata, a photographer in the village, will be the best person for you to get started. His website is here. And his contact email address is; midorikanjp@gmail.com    He will help you with some advice on where to stay, how to get here, what to see and so on.

If you can be patient enough to get along with me, who don't check emails very often and will probably have you wait for a while to get back to you, or if you're interested in my own activities,  please give me a contact. 

Hope you'll have a great visit or stay here as I enjoy my life in this village. 

Thank you.



( Photos by Rina )



Rina Aoki

Guide "Rina Aoki"

I have been working for this paper village since 2000. I love the people here and would like to support their business by trying to introduce Echizen Washi to overseas.